Please note, I'm a Dinner Date Escort, Social & Event Companion and I do not offer any type of specified sexual services as a menu, so please be discreet with your questions. What comes between us during our social time, comes naturally after.

For the other city/country or extended dates please contact me by e-mail. I'm open to discuss. Check my Reservation page before.

For vacation  or business trips, I don't have a fixed consideration. My daily rate may vary significantly which will depend if I have my separate hotel room or you want me to stay with you 24 hours a day. However, with both options, I will require an uninterrupted 7-8 hours night sleep and 2 hours daily time for my personal needs and refreshment.

Please take a look at my rates (Milan city):

Social Time Only

(2-3 hours)

this rate does not include private time. I could also accept my chosen GIFT Cards as a Consideration for this option, but we should discuss about it before our date.

€300 -


Introduction Date

(2 hours)

1 hour social time + 1 hour private time


Cocktail Date

(3 hours)

1 hour social time + 2 hours private time


Dinner Date

(4-5 hours)

2 hours social time + 2-3 hours private time - My Favourite!!! :-)


Evening Out

(6-7 hours)

2-3 hours social time + 3-4 hours private time


Romantic Overnight

(10-12 hours)

on request


From Dinner till Breakfast

(14-16 hours)

on request


Delightful Day (20-24 hours)

on request



All money exchanged with me are for time and companionship only and not for any illegal or immoral act.
Anything else that occurs of an intimate nature is a matter of agreement between two consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for or compensated for in any manner.

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